Meet the Cast

Blue Valentine-Director

Blue Valentine was born above a kosher deli in New York City. At 16, she ran away to the Catskills to perform at Cohen's Castle Hill Resort. Some years later, she moved down to Texas with her husband, The Great Throwdini, the greatest knife thrower east of the Mississippi. He left to get a pack of cigarettes 4 years ago and she hasn't seen him since.

Betty Atchison

Betty Atchison's early days are a blur. The only memory she has of her family is the emotional goodbye from her parents as they paid for her to be smuggled into the United States from Mexico. After several lonely weeks eating scraps, a young Betty was discovered by a prominent business man while huddled in a boxcar on the old Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway. Her new "father" enjoyed having Betty around, mainly because she loved to sing and dance and was a perfect form of entertainment for his friends. He taught her the english language as she served as his cook, maid, gardener and gopher. On the nights Joe would consume far too much tequila, she also became his personal psychologist. When Betty became a young woman, she formed a emotionally charged sexual relationship with one of Joe's best friends. When they were discovered, Joe was infuriated and forced Betty to live in a basement apartment that was under video surveillance 24 hours a day. She grew tired and lonesome in her new life, so she one day decided to brave the cruel world and left the padding of the lavish surroundings Joe provided. Her travels led her into the heart of Texas, where she eventually fell in love with strong whiskey. She's been singing, dancing and taking her clothes off for attention ever since.

Sugar Cooky

Born to a white-bread middle-American family, Sugar was the third daughter to an avid burlesque fan. Her father, a widower, would stay up late watching old reels and lovingly turning the pages of his 'men mags'. At the tender age of 15, her father traded poor Sugar for a stack of mags and a pack of smokes once allegedly owned by Bettie Page herself. Whisked away into a traveling show, she was forced to help with the costumes of the many lovely dancers. The day came when she was ready to take the stage and with rest of the troupe suffering a sudden bout of 'food poising' was the only girl well enough to dance. Since then she has been dancing her way into hearts and wallets of all those that meet her.

Googhee Gomez

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Kara Sine

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And featuring....

The comedy of Schave and Reilly

Ben Schave and Caitlin Reilly are the modern day
version of vaudeville's "baggy-pants" physical
comedians. They've received training at Ringling
Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College and the Dell'
Arte School of Physical Theatre. They have performed
for circus, commedia, fairs, festivals, cruise ships,
and variety shows, in the U.S. and abroad.

The Fantastic Trevor

Trevor has been performing close-up miracles for most of his life- using common
objects to create intense moments of astonishment. He shares his magic with
guests at the Spaghetti Warehouse every Saturday night from 7-9 in downtown
Austin. We've convinced him to bring something to our stage... get ready for a
fun and astounding ride that will blur the line between perception and reality.