The Players

Our MC - The Minister of Sin

The Minister of Sin has performed across North America on street corners, in bus stations, bars, and churches. He has peformed magic at Renaissance Festivals throughout the U.S. and is a regular performer at Ego's Poetry Slam every Wednesday in Austin, TX. Now he joins the BIG BIG Stage at Big Star Burlesque as your tour guide through comedy, magic, amazing variety acts, and of course naked ladies.

And featuring....

Our Sidekick "Q"

The magical sidekick joins the Minister of Sin as "Ü & Q" present "The Janitor", a silent magical adventure filmed in Real-O-Vision.

The comedy of Schave and Reilly

Ben Schave and Caitlin Reilly are the modern day
version of vaudeville's "baggy-pants" physical
comedians. They've received training at Ringling
Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College and the Dell'
Arte School of Physical Theatre. They have performed
for circus, commedia, fairs, festivals, cruise ships,
and variety shows, in the U.S. and abroad.

DNY: The Human Cartoon

DNY takes storytelling to a new level by weaving words into a poetic vision with vivid and colorful imagery and the physical performance of the Human Cartoon. Don't miss DNY: The Human Cartoon as he walks you through the cartoon worlds of yesteryear with "Olive Oyl" and performs his one man science fiction radio show.